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SPACE 2022











F. (Filip) Jamart, CEO of ™AktivPuls Europe with interested visitors


















LAMMA Innovation Awards 2019 - two AWARDS for ™AktivPULS milking!


™AktivPuls CEO, Mr. E. (Edwin) Kolsteeg (left) with Mr. James Hudson







EuroTier 2018 in Hanover




World Dairy Expo 2018 - October 02 - 06, 2018

The ™AktivPuls GmbH is pleased about a positive result and would like to thank all visitors.


The ™AktivPuls cluster Silicon Pro with vacuum relief and our new cowbrush were very well received by all the enthusiastic visitors.











Successful fair: SPACE 2018 in Rennes, France


Mr. Bernard Blaizot of AGRION in conversation with Camille Gerard










right: Mr. E. (Edwin) Kolsteeg, CEO of ™AktivPuls, presenting the new Pro-BRUSH cowbrush







Mr. Edwin Kolsteeg, CEO ™AktivPULS, Valerie Solliec, Sakina Bougag and Mr. Bernard Blazot, CEO AGRION / ™AktivPULS France. (from left to right)






Official Launch of ™AktivPuls USA with NextGen Group during

the World AG Expo 2017 in Tulare, California


From left to right: Mr. E.G. (Edwin) Kolsteeg (™AktivPuls) and Mr. Shane Schechinger, owner of NextGen group & ™AktivPuls USA





















Successful World Dairy Expo 2016


The AktivPuls booth at this year's show


left: Mr. Takashi-Kemmei, president of the company Pure Line from Tokyo, Japan, and AktivPuls CEO, Mr. E. (Edwin) Kolsteeg









CEO Mr. E. (Edwin) Kolsteeg with Mr. A. (André) Leuenberger, Service Manager at Happel Suisse (left) at the AktivPuls booth, SPACE 2016










CEO Mr. E. (Edwin) Kolsteeg handing over the gift to Mr. R. (Ralph) Böhling at the national seminar of the RABOS company in Russia









Managing Director E. (Edwin) Kolsteeg together with the Partner AG team at the Canadian Dairy XPO











Successful fair presentation - EuroTier 2014


TMAktivPuls GmbH, Friesenried (Germany) won a EuroTier Silver Medal for its product „Control-VAC° signal element“ and „™AktivPuls with SSC Technology“