™AktivPuls milking - for automatic milking

The ™AktivPuls milking - now also available for automatic milking. (AMS robotic milking)

™AktivPuls Natural Milking

™AktivPuls milking unit with vacuum relief for the teat, and perfect milk transport. Successful milk production requires constant efforts to improve all areas, from feeding and management through to milking technology.

Award-winning: Made in Germany

In the new generation of ™AktivPuls with SSC° Technology three distinctive and patented innovations have been implemented.



with SSC° technology

  • Silicon-PRO°: Up to 8000 milkings
  • Smart-AIR°: Dynamic vacuum control
  • Controlled-VAC°: 7 individual asymmetric
    massage zones


  • Advanced technology
  • Higher milk yields
  • Sustainable and animal-friendly




  • Successful business model
  • Tailored for your end customers
  • Available in 4 different colours